Arab American Physicians

According to the American Medical Association; International Medical Graduates (IMGs) constitute 25% (almost 240,000 physicians) of the U.S. practicing physician workforce and over 26% of the workforce pipeline in residency slots.

The majority of IMGs practice in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio with different specialties and backgrounds. However, the majority of practicing IMGs are in Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Pediatrics.

Medical Graduates in the US

Arab Medical Graduates practicing in the US are close to 15,000 physicians, which is almost 6% of IMGs, and 1.5% of total practicing physicians in the US.

Arab Medical Graduates in the US by Country of Education

Medical Graduates from the Arab World follow a similar trend as other IMGs in terms of distribution and specialties.

The majority of Arab American Physicians have graduated from Egypt (34%), followed by Syria (25%) and Lebanon (20%).

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