Istanbul Convention 2012

Grand Hyatt Istanbul, July 7, 2012 – July 11, 2012

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Dear NAAMA Members and Friends,

shaibaniNAAMA’s 26th International Medical Convention has special meaning because it is the first in a non-Arab city. It is an opportunity to build bridges between America, Turkey and the Arab world, a benefit to all in this era of globalization. Situated as it is in Asia and in Europe, Turkey has played a historic role in connecting east and west.

Our convention is being held at a critical time in history when the winds of change are ushering in a new order in the region. This will highlight an increasing need for the medical expertise of our members and the important resources of NAAMA to support the emerging social systems. This convention will generate opportunities to serve this purpose and to pave the way for long-term collaboration.

NAAMA is honored by the partnership and generosity of the major medical institutions in Turkey, notably Istanbul University, the oldest medical school in Turkey, Koç University, and Istanbul Medeniyet University and by the generosity of donors who see the value of collaboration.

This year’s convention theme is just as timely. Healthcare costs are escalating and the number of uninsured is steadily growing. This global problem is leading to a bankruptcy of the healthcare delivery system. Prevention of disease and medical complications is the solution to this dismal fate. Dr. Nicola Hanania is leading a capable scientific committee of experts in various specialties from Turkey, the Arab world and from among our members in the US. They believe that it is critical for physicians, dentists and other medical professionals to understand and employ practices that focus on preventing disease or complications rather than just treating them.

In beautiful Turkey, the only problem in tailoring a social program for our members and their families was what to include in the itinerary! In cooperation with K Tours, our social program includes a bit of history, scenic views, shopping, and lots of fun.

The goals of NAAMA’s 26th International Medical Convention are education, socialization, recreation, celebration of our culture and the making of new Turkish friends. I have confidence that the planning committee has succeeded. It’s a great day at NAAMA! Welcome to Istanbul.

Aziz Shaibani, MD
NAAMA President 2012 and Istanbul Convention Chair