Newport Beach 2013

Convention Chair
Tawfik (Tim) Hadaya, MD

Scientific Chair
Nahidh Hasaniya, MD, PhD


Vienna 2013

Convention Chair
Mouhanad Hammami, MD

Scientific Chair
Shawki Harb, MD
Rouba Ali-Fehmi, MD

Amer Al-Ani, MD  The Abuse of the Radiological Medical Examination
Haitham Bakir, MD  The Systemic Effects of Sleep Apnea: Screening and Management Strategies
Aayah Fatayerji, MPH  Water Inequality in the Occupied Palestinian Territories:  How the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict has Disproportionately Affected Palestinians’ Access to Water
Hassan Fehmi, MD  The Case for Lean in Health Care
Adnan Hammad, PhD  ACCESS’s Global Health Model and Its Impact through Research Capacity Building
Mouhanad Hammami, MD Expat Arab Health Professionals: Brain Drain or Brain Gain?
Ahmad Hamwi, MD In-Vitro versus Conventional Type 1 Allergy Diagnostic—Molecular Allergology as You have Never Seen It
Alma Harb, MD Concierge Medicine: New Aspect and Controversy in Health Care
Shawki Harb, MD Ways of Improving Surgical Outcomes: Implementing the NSQIP Experience
Sonia Hassan, MD New and Exciting Breakthroughs in the Prevention of Preterm Birth and Its Sequelae
Mohamad Kaleel, MD Medicine 2.0: The new platform for medical education
Ghabi Kaspo, DDS Significance of Cannabis Use to Dental Practice
Wahid Kassar, MD Management of Diabetes/Obesity: Challenges and Choices
Tammam Kelani, MD, and Ulrich Klemen, MD Diabetic Retinopathy and Macular Edema
Rajai Khoury, MD Cardiac Surgery in Palestine: Past, Present and Future
Bashar Marji, MD Syncope
Ali Melhem, MD Integrated Health Care
Terry Meriden, MD Tight Diabetes Control, A Controversy Revisited
Eid Mustafa, MD Volunteerism: A Duty, A Passion, and A Blessing
Maher Nasser, MD Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke Prevention
Larry Purnell, PhD, RN More than Social Determinants of Health
Samir Quawasmi, MD Paired Arcuate and Circular Keratotomy: Alternative Intervention Technique for Stage III and IV Keratoconus
Wael Sakr, MD Laboratory and Molecular Genetic Testing in the Era of Accountable Care Organizations: Major Implications for Clinical Care Specialties
Hanan Shaban, PharmD Management of the Medication Shortage Crisis at a Veterans Administration Facility
Mae Sheikh-Ali, MD Communication in Healthcare: Patient-Centered Interview
Nadim Sradj, MD Global Science: 10 Theses for a World View in the 21st Century
Rabi F. Sulayman, MD Advances in Medicine and New Trends in Health Care
Elias Tawil, MD Pediatric Cancer Project in Egypt
Michael Wolzt, MD Clinical trials and ethical considerations
Edward (Ted) Yaghmour, MD Safety of Medications during Pregnancy and Lactation
Serene Katranji-Zeni, JD Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Chicago 2012

Convention Chair
Terry Meriden, MD

Scientific Chair, MD
Hareth Raddawi, MD

Anton J. Fakhouri, MD Hand and Wrist Trauma
Anis Mekhail, MD Back Pain: An Update in Approach & Management
Rolla Sweis, PharmD Antiplatelets & Anticoagulants: The Rock and The Hard Place?
Aziz Shaibani, MD The Power of Placebo in Medicine
Terry Meriden, MD Obesity: Controlling the Uncontrollable?
Rami Lutfi, MD Is Bariatric Surgery the Answer?
Laurence Hirsch, MD Insulin Delivery: What Do We Need to Know?
Hussam Mihtar, MD Psychiatric Disorders Commonly Missed in Medical Practice
Ahmad Alturjuman, MD Guidelines for the Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases
Muhyaldeen Dia, MD Heart Ventricular Assist Devices: Overview/Update
Nouri Al-Khaled, MD Carotid Artery Stenting
Tarek Kteleh, MD Vasculitis: Simplifying a Difficult Clinical Syndrome
Mouhanad Hammami, MD Electronic Medical Records: Towards “Meaningful Use”
Mazen M. Dimachkie, MD Treatment of Auto-Immune Neuromuscular Disorders
Nasser Zakieh, MD Medical Ethics and End of Life Issues: Old Principles & New Concepts
George Salti, MD New Surgical Techniques in the Management of Advanced Abdominal Malignancies
Sammy Nawas, MD Update in Thoracic Surgery
Mamdouh Bakhos, MD An Update in Cardiac Surgery
Robert Simon, MD Emergency Medical Relief in War Zones & Natural Disasters
Ardis Hoven, MD Year Three: Shaping the Future of American Health Care

Istanbul 2012

Convention Chair
Aziz Shaibani, MD

Scientific Chair
Nicola Hanania, MD

Rabih Darouiche, MD Houston, TX Innovations in Preventing Hospital Acquired Infections
Resat Ozaras, MD Istanbul, Turkey Infection Control and Prevention in the Hospital Setting in Turkey
Hamit Okur, MD Istanbul, Turkey The Contribution of Islamic Civilization to Preventive Medicine
Onder Ergonul, MD, MPH Istanbul, Turkey Prevention and Control of Emerging Outbreaks
Walid AbuHammour, MD Vaccination in Adolescents: Current Recommendations
Mae Sheikh-Ali, MD Jackksonville, FL Circadian Clock Desynchronization and Metabolic Syndrome
Ali AlHimyary, MD Houston, Texas Insomnia: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention
Saad A. Shakir, MD Silicon Valley, California Innovations in the Management of Depression
Basim Dubaybo, MD
Adnan Hammad, PhD Dearborn, MI Promoting Health Research and Education: Arab American Experience in Reducing Health Disparities
Atilla Ertan, MD Houston, TX Endoscopic Management of Barrett’s Dysplasia and Early Cancer
Munci Kalayoglu, MD Madison, WI Liver Transplantation: An Update
Osama Gaber, MD New York, NY & Houston, TX Treatment of Diabetes by Transplantation
Yasser Shaib, MD Houston, TX Screening for Colorectal Cancer
Safwan Badr, MD Detroit, MI Quality is Revenue, Not Expense: Measure Twice, Cut Once
Qutayba Hamid, MD Montreal, Canada Advances in the pathogenesis and treatment of asthma
Nicola Hanania, MD MS Houston, TX Preventing COPD Exacerbation: Current and Future Strategies
Turhan Ece, MD,FCCP Istanbul, TURKEY Screening for Lung Cancer: Is it effective?
Haitham Bakir, MD Springfield, IL The Systemic Effects of Sleep Apnea Screening and Management Strategies
Ali AbuRahma, MD Charleston, WV Carotid Disease Screening in Stroke Prevention
Kamel Mohanna, MD Beirut, Lebanon, Volunteerism and NGOs in the health care delivery