Witnessing the dire events taking place in the Arab world over the last year and a half, it is clear that our valiant brothers and sisters in the healthcare sector providing emergency and other medical care are operating under abysmal circumstances compounded by lack of security, total disregard of the sanctity of ambulances and hospitals and, more importantly, a major shortage of basic medical equipment and supplies.

It is our moral obligation to come to their aid in any way possible, consistent with NAAMA’s humanitarian mission.

Your NAAMA Foundation has set up an Emergency Medical Relief Fund dedicated to providing urgently needed medical supplies wherever they are required in the Arab World. Our immediate focus is Syria!

Indeed, several of you have already taken the initiative or participated in various aid campaigns, perhaps on the chapter level. Unfortunately, it is not easy to ship medical supplies from the US to areas of need the Middle East.

But NAAMA is investigating all possible vehicles for getting aid to the people of Syria. We are working at the highest levels of our U.S. government and with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. We are collecting money to purchase ambulances so badly needed in the besieged cities of Syria through NAAMA’s Emergency Medical Relief Fund.

Our vision for the future is to have funds available not only for the ongoing tragedy in Syria but for emergency medical relief wherever the need may suddenly arise in other parts of the Arab world. Please make your check payable to NAAMA Foundation and write SYRIA in the memo line. You may mail your check directly to the NAAMA National Office, 801 S. Adams Road., Suite 208, Birmingham, MI 48009. Or you may donate online by completing the form below. Just indicate where you want your donation to be directed.

Thank you for your compassionate contributions to NAAMA’s Emergency Medical Relief Fund. While Syria is our immediate concern, this initiative is ongoing. We wish to build the Emergency Medical Relief Fund to be able to respond wherever and whenever a medical crisis arises.

We strongly urge all of you to donate, and donate generously, for this great and noble cause, which embodies your aspirations and expectations and is indeed in the heart and soul of this great organization.

We can’t think of a better and nobler way to spend your charitable, tax-deductible dollars than this project.


Terry Meriden, MD, 2014 NAAMA President
Ted Yaghmour, MD, 2014 NAAMA Foundation Chair

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