NAAMA Condemns Chemical Weapons, Continuing Violence in Syria

As a non-political professional and humanitarian organization of physicians, the National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA) deplores the use of chemical weapons and the continuing violence that has resulted in profound human suffering, displacement and loss of life.

NAAMA’s urgent concern is the safety and dignity of our Syrian brothers and sisters. We urge all sides to respect the sanctity of human life. We call for the immediate cessation of acts that jeopardize the life of innocents, and stand ready to assist in meeting the medical and humanitarian needs of those most vulnerable, especially women and children. 

Through volunteer medical missions, NAAMA has provided medical services and medication to Syrian refugees in Jordan to try to alleviate their suffering and will provide medication for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

As we watch this continued aggression with horror and fear, regardless of its source, our thoughts are with the families of the victims.


August 26, 2013

For information, contact Renée Ahee, NAAMA Executive Director, 248-646-3661 or

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