To qualify for membership, individuals must be of Arab descent or have a close affinity with individuals of Arab origin and shall be members of the medical profession as defined in the bylaws.

  • Active membership: Licensed persons in the medical, dental, pharmacology professions in North America. Active members have the right to vote and hold office.
  • Associate membership: Medical, dental and pharmacy students, interns, residents, and fellows in training in North America and physicians of Arab descent licensed in countries outside the United States and Canada who reside in North America. Associate members may not vote or hold office. The first year’s dues for interns, residents and fellows are complimentary. Student memberships are complimentary.
  • Affiliate membership: Any person who practices in an allied health field and who is not otherwise eligible to hold active membership. Affiliate members may not vote or hold office. Examples of Affiliate members include nurses, physician assistants and neuroscientists.
  • Honorary membership: Any person of Arab descent in the medical profession who has made a distinguished scientific contribution; and individuals of Arab or non-Arab descent who have contributed to the association and its cause. Honorary members may not vote or hold office.
  • Corresponding membership: Persons in the medical, dental and pharmacology professions residing outside North America and licensed in the country of residence. Corresponding members may not vote or hold office.
  • Auxiliary membershipFamily members of Active, Associate, Affiliate or Honorary members of NAAMA or any individual not in the medical field who demonstrates commitment to NAAMA’s mission.

Annual dues vary by membership category and chapter affiliation.



Members of NAAMA form a special group interested in sharing their medical expertise and cultural heritage with their colleagues. They are committed to improving medical conditions in the Arab world and in Arab American communities. A one-year membership entitles each member to:

  • Three issues of NAAMA’s flagship journal, “Al Hakeem”
  • Monthly “NAAMA eNewsletter”
  • Reduced registration fees at the NAAMA’s annual CME-accredited international medical conventions
  • Reduced registration fees at the NAAMA’s annual CME-accredited national medical conventions
  • Reduced registration fees at all NAAMA-sponsored, CME-accredited symposia
  • Free attendance to most of NAAMA’s chapter-sponsored CME events
  • NAAMA members discounts on Alamo Rental Cars
  • NAAMA members discounts on EMR software by MedcomSoft Inc
  • NAAMA’s special rebate program with Weir Manuel Realtors
  • NAAMA’s Shopping Portal with Market America:
    • Visit our shopping portal at
    • Register as a Preferred Customer
    • Click “Sign in” in the upper right hand corner
    • Select the “No I am a new customer” option
    • Follow the prompts
    • You are now eligible to earn up to 35% on qualified purchases

For more information on discounts and benefits to members, please visit NAAMA’s Practice Partners web page.

To apply for membership please visit this page.



A new, distinctive honorary designation is being added this year to recognize those NAAMA members whose contributions to our organization, their profession, patients and community are over and above the call of duty.  This coveted designation, FAAMA, Fellow, National Arab American Medical Association, will be open to all Active-category NAAMA members in good standing for three years or more who apply and who are deemed worthy to be called FAAMA by the NAAMA Board of Directors.

A special ceremony to award the FAAMA certificate and lapel pin will take place each year at the Gala during NAAMA’s National Medical Conventions, this year in San Diego.

Dr. Terry Meriden, NAAMA president, said, “All professional societies honor their members who have demonstrated a career of outstanding performance and renown.  It’s time that NAAMA officially distinguishes such members who have performed to a higher standard.  The NAAMA Board of Directors heartily and proudly establishes this honorary classification, Fellow, National Arab American Medical Association (FAAMA).”

Fellowship in NAAMA is an honor.  Being an FAAMA is a distinction earned from colleagues who recognize your accomplishments and achievements over and above the practice of medicine. The most important considerations for NAAMA Fellowship are excellence and contributions made to both NAAMA and to the broader community.


To be a Fellow, National Arab American Medical Association (FAAMA), a candidate must:

1)      Be an Active-category member in good standing for three years of more and

2)      Active involvement in NAAMA at the Chapter level and/or

3)      Active involvement in NAAMA at the National level and/or

4)      Recognition of active community service.


Please consider self-nominating or nominating a fellow member.  Click here for the FAAMA Application form.  For more information, please contact NAAMA Office Manager Hussein Abdallah at 248-646-3661 or