NAAMA Student Members

NAAMA believes that the future of our association lies with our students.  Our commitment to our student members is seen in the fact that NAAMA has added a special seat on the National NAAMA Board of Directors for a student representative.  As well, several NAAMA chapters hold a special seat for medical and dental students.  We intend that this student’s corner will be a forum for Arab American medical, dental and pharmacy students and their friends in the 140 plus medical schools across the country. Through the site, NAAMA aims to be the catalyst for providing mentorship and volunteering opportunities and a wealth of exchanges among students of the association.

The following is an excerpt from statements made by medical students about their role in NAAMA:

“Membership in NAAMA gives students a multitude of opportunities ranging from professionalism and mentorship to involvement with charitable causes and social events. Students will be provided with a network of Arab American physicians, fellows, residents, and other students from across the nation. NAAMA also enables students to gain access to a substantial support system of well-established physicians and access to research opportunities nationwide, out-of-state rotations, and exciting opportunities to travel abroad and experience the medical profession in the Arab world. The organization will further allow medical students from all over the United States to meet at a national or local level for educational events, as well as give students the opportunity to establish local charitable projects, including free clinics for the needy. NAAMA will also allow all medical students to learn more about the Arab culture through educational and social events.

Involving medical students in NAAMA early in their careers will increase membership, making the organization more visible, and in turn, providing its members with a new network of physicians and resources to tap into nationwide. The members and the organization will benefit from fresh ideas and different perspectives to strengthen the organization and create a trend that will continue for many decades to come.”

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