NAAMA Donates $20K to Assist Syrians

In December 2012, NAAMA donated $20,000 to the International Medical Corps, headed by Dr. Robert Simon, to provide aid inside the country of Syria. Last year’s NAAMA Foundation Chair Dr. Hareth Raddawi recently received word from Dr. Simon, founder and chairman of the IMC, that the $20,000 NAAMA Foundation donation has really been put to fruitful use. Not only were badly needed medications distributed inside Syria on behalf of NAAMA, but matching contributions amounted to 30-fold, which is the usual average for IMC, given their wide array of donors.

He said, “In addition to our mission of medical education for our members, NAAMA has a humanitarian mission. That is why we established NAAMA’s Emergency Medical Relief Fund. We welcome donations to the EMRF to serve the people in need here in the U.S. and in our countries of origin in the Arab world.”

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