Congratulations to Drs. Nadia Abunijmeh, Terry Meriden and Marwan Refaat!

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At its March 2014 meeting, the NAAMA Board of Directors has elected the associations first three Fellows, National Arab American Medical Association (FAAMA).

FAAMA is a new, distinctive honorary designation added this year to recognize those NAAMA members whose contributions to our organization, their profession, patients and community are over and above the call of duty.  This coveted designation, FAAMA, Fellow, National Arab American Medical Association, is open to all Active-category NAAMA members in good standing who apply and who are deemed worthy to be called FAAMA by the NAAMA Board of Directors. A special ceremony to award the FAAMA certificate and lapel pin will take place each year at the Gala during NAAMA’s National Medical Conventions, this year in San Diego.

Dr. Terry Meriden, NAAMA president, said, “All professional societies honor their members who have demonstrated a career of outstanding performance and renown.  It’s time that NAAMA officially distinguishes such members who have performed to a higher standard.  The NAAMA Board of Directors heartily and proudly establishes this honorary classification, Fellow, National Arab American Medical Association (FAAMA).” Fellowship in NAAMA is an honor.  To be a Fellow, National Arab American Medical Association (FAAMA), a candidate must: 1)      Be an Active-category member in good standing for three years of more and 2)      Active involvement in NAAMA at the Chapter level and/or 3)      Active involvement in NAAMA at the National level and/or 4)      Recognition of active community service.

Please consider self-nominating or nominating a fellow member.  Click here for the FAAMA Application form.  For more information, please contact NAAMA Executive Director Renée Ahee at 248-646-3661 or

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