NextGen Program – Jul 2018, Beirut

NAAMA is pleased to announce a summer program for NAAMA youth on the campus of the American University of Beirut (AUB). The program is offered in collaboration with the AUB’s Office of Alumni Relations.
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“Summer Program for AUB Alumni Children”, or 

SPAAC, is well-established and is open to children of AUB Alumni throughout the world.  This year, the AUB’s Continuing Education Center is welcoming NAAMA Youth to join the program.  The program will be open to AUB Alumni Youth and NAAMA Youth from throughout the world to strengthen the ties between our young people and the AUB, Lebanon, and the Arab World.


I. Overview


SPAAC offers our Youth the opportunity to experience campus life while learning about Lebanon’s rich history and culture.  The summer program aims at deepening the students’ knowledge of their heritage, expanding their understanding of the modern Middle East. This summer program is a rich and pleasurable educational experience, and a unique opportunity to enjoy the summer, make new friends, get a taste of college life, and explore Lebanon. 


The summer program is open for bright and highly-motivated students from around the world between the ages of 14 to 18. The participants’ stay on campus will be facilitated and carefully supervised by our highly qualified staff and mentors.  All participants will be accompanied by our staff for all planned activities including on-campus activities and field trips to extraordinary archeological and historical sites throughout Lebanon.   NAAMA will also provide volunteer parent chaperones to accompany the group.




II. Academic Courses


Participants will learn standard and colloquial Arabic using a curriculum rich in social and cultural activities. Participants will also cover pre-history, contemporary history, soft skills courses, the archaeology of Lebanon and the region at large mainly on field trips and partly in class. The language of instruction is English. Participants will learn the following courses:


1- Colloquial Arabic

Arabic for communicating in common day-to-day situations.

This course focuses on pronunciation and vocabulary needed to engage in simple dialogues such as, greetings, directions, traveling, and shopping.


2- Standard Arabic 

This course introduces students to the language through a proper acquisition of the alphabet, pronunciation of the sounds, connection of letters, and formation of words and simple sentences.


3- Lebanese Studies

This course aims at giving participants a better understanding of Lebanon from the pre-historic period till today.


4- Middle East History 

This course presents the history of the Arab-speaking Middle East from pre-Islamic times to the modern era, with emphasis on some of the principal political, economic, social, religious and cultural developments and their relevance to the modern Middle East.


5- Entrepreneurship 

Students will learn the definition of entrepreneurship. They will learn about product and service-based businesses, producers and consumers, and how an economy is formed. They will discover differences among regional economies and how entrepreneurs contribute to the economic growth and development in their counties. They will learn about future prospects for entrepreneurship and the role of the entrepreneur in the local community.


6- Principles of Archaeology

This course explores how objects can be uncovered and studied to help scientists and scholars reconstruct societies, cultures, ceremonies and historical peoples and civilizations. Students study the methods and tools used by archaeologists to discover remains and objects and how they piece them together into a historical setting. 


7- Public Speaking

This course focuses on the fundamentals of oral communication which involves preparation and presentation of conventional forms of public address, such as expository and persuasive speaking. Emphasis is placed on the use of correct and effective language and organizational skills in preparing, delivering and evaluating different types of oral presentations. 


8- Landscape Photography

This workshop helps you enhance your landscape photography skills to a higher level in one of the most beautiful places in Lebanon. You will learn basic techniques, pro tips, tricks and artistic secrets that will enhance your work.


9- Community Service

In collaboration with the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Engagement at AUB, we will implement a community engagement project in which its activities will promote cultural exchange and social cohesion between SPAAC students and Syrian refugees’ students from Jousour NGO.


III.  Social Activities


Afternoons on the scenic campus of AUB will be a time for a variety of fitness and recreational activities. Participants will have the change to do the following social activities: 

  • Visits to museums, souks, and AUB Libraries.
  • Extensive use of the Charles Hostler Student center facilities including swimming, gym, basketball courts, and the soccer field.
  • During the evening hours, participants will sometimes go on dinner outings to various destinations in the country.
  • Every Saturday, students will enjoy the beauty of the Lebanese coast and Mediterranean Sea in the “Beach Day” program.


IV.  Country Excursions

One-day trips to significant historical and cultural destinations throughout Lebanon will ensure participants’ exposure to the diversity Lebanon has to offer.

Field trips may include (among others): Visits to the archaeological and historical sites in Jbeil, Batroun, Beiteddine, Mousa Castle, Tripoli, Saida, Jeita, etc.


V. Registration

NAAMA will have volunteer parent chaperones accompany participants.  We are finalizing plans for group travel from Detroit-Beirut-Detroit.  The cost of the abbreviated two week program is $2400.  Tuition does not include air travel but does include housing, food, courses, and excursions.  Please register directly on the SPAAC registration link and indicate that you are a NAAMA member:



VI. Detailed Daily Program


Please refer to the link below for program details:



Please feel free to contact Dr Nabil Khoury with any questions you may have:


Nabil Elie Khoury, MD

Mobile: (248) 390-2019