Scientific Database

Dear member,

Our organization is privileged in having amongst its membership a wealth of expertise, both Clinical and Academic. The missing link is that database one can tap into to reach out to expert opinion in matters related to our profession. The aim of this project is to create and maintain this type of database.

We would like to know who knows what in medicine within the ranks of NAAMA. The goal is to ultimately develop panels of experts in the various relevant topics.

This project will allow our organization to present itself to other bodies as an entity which can provide the know how to fulfill needed services, to propagate knowledge, and to lend valid and up-to-date opinion in various domains of medicine.

Additionally, a Speakers Bureau, collaborative scientific work, and CME events can become easy to organize as a result of this information.

Members, and non-members Arab American Medical Professionals, are invited to submit and update their pertinent information. This would include (and not be limited to) titles of:

  • Published articles (both referenced and non-referenced)
  • Books or chapters in books
  • Presentations in medical conventions and CME events: abstracts, lectures…etc.
  • Area of expertise or interests (medical, administrative, allied health…etc.)

This will be an ongoing project; the information can be propagated and shared at the discretion of participating member(s).